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A few pointers for beginners on ordering wholesale Vietnamese bulk hair extensions

You want to start a business but you’re not experienced, so you want to purchase Vietnamese hair extensions in quantity. This article provides trustworthy Vietnamese hair suppliers as well as some useful advice.

Vietnamese bulk hair extensions wholesale market

With annual sales ranging from $250 million to over $1 billion, the wholesale market for bulk hair extensions is growing. The global hair market is projected to create more than $10 billion in revenue by 2023. Because synthetic hair is frequently not very durable and is not perfect for long hair, real human hair is highly popular and has a high commercial value.

  • Vietnamese bulk hair extensions in particular are thought to be of the greatest quality, but the price is relatively affordable. As a result, buying Vietnamese hair extensions in bulk is a very popular option for wholesalers. Customers that purchase wholesale Vietnamese hair fall into 2 categories:
  • Customers from Europe regularly purchase raw Vietnamese bulk hair extensions because Vietnam is one of the few countries that can still provide superb virgin hair.
  • Africa consumers African customers usually acquire wholesale Vietnamese bulk hair extensions styled as bone straight, bouncy curls, and pixie cuts, with an annual production of several tens of tons.

Why you should start a hair business by buying Vietnamese bulk hair extensions at wholesale prices

The greatest choice for people starting a hair business for the first time is to buy Vietnam bulk hair extensions because:

Buying Vietnamese hair in large quantities: superb hair quality

When starting a hair business, hair quality is a significant factor because gaining your customers’ trust is essential. When purchasing Vietnamese bulk hair extensions, you won’t ever need to be concerned about the quality because they contain a number of exceptional qualities that have been well examined.

Buying Vietnamese hair in large quantities: superb hair quality

Additionally, Vietnamese hair has a lifespan of up to 8 years, so you may buy hair extensions in quantity with assurance. Bulk hair extensions are less likely to sustain damage over time and keep their quality and texture. Vietnamese hair can easily adapt to shifting consumer trends and is easy to style, thus despite its durability, it is still in style. This allows you to save money on delivery because you won’t need to buy more time.

The reputation of Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers

One of the biggest risks for newbies to the hair industry is the possibility for con artists. However, while purchasing wholesale Vietnamese hair extensions in bulk from reputable Vietnamese hair manufacturers, you can feel assured because:

  • Vietnam’s bulk hair extensions market has a more than 30-year history of formation and development, with a number of well-known hair villages. Vietnam has a stable political climate, making commercial fraud rare. The open trade policy also makes it easier for goods to leave Vietnam.
The reputation of Vietnamese wholesale hair suppliers
  • Additionally, Vietnam partners with a number of significant markets and is one of the leading exporters of bulk hair extensions worldwide. These markets are supervised by strict standards that require vendors to be trustworthy.

Major Vietnamese hair factories, like 5S Hair, allow you to acquire samples to check the quality of the bulk hair extensions and always have open payment and warranty policies.

Cheaper when buying Vietnamese hair in quantity

Beginning business owners in the bulk hair extensions sector frequently don’t have a lot of money set up for things like market investigation and analysis. Therefore, reasonable pricing is a fantastic strategy for them to boost revenue.

Cheaper when buying Vietnamese hair in quantity

Vietnamese hair is the highest-quality hair in the world, although its market price is only average. Vietnamese bulk hair extensions sellers provide very competitive wholesale prices, especially for those looking to buy large quantities of Vietnamese hair extensions.


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