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Asian raw hair is a suitable product for wholesale hair retailers

Asian raw hair bundles have recently grown in favor among several hair extension vendors. They state that although this is not the product they are most satisfied with, it is without a doubt the kind of hair extension that enables distributors to make significant profits in a reasonably short period of time. Do you know anything about Asian raw hair? Now let’s read this article to find out more.

An overview of the potential of Asian raw hair bundles

In recent years, the use of Asian raw hair extensions has begun to grow internationally. Because of this, wholesale suppliers of hair extensions are always searching for Asian raw hair from this area. 

  • The opportunity for a quick return on investment exists in the hair extension market. But the first step to being able to earn a sizable income is finding a trustworthy source of Asian raw hair at a fair price. And natural Cambodian hair bundles are your finest choice.
An overview of the potential of Asian raw hair bundles
  • Three well-known Asian markets for hair extensions are Vietnam, India, and China. The fact that Cambodia is known for generating high-quality hair extensions is also widely known. Asian raw hair extensions are shipped to a relatively small number of countries worldwide.
  • Due to bad traffic, it will be a little difficult to send Asian raw hair bundles to far away countries like Nigeria or America. If you truly appreciate this style of hair, you can come to Cambodia on business to tour the hair factories and feel the Southeast Asian hair extension material.

The main conclusion is that Asian raw hair is a good fallback alternative if you can’t afford high quality Asian raw hair, such raw Vietnamese hair. The advantages of Asian hair extensions are shared by Vietnamese and Cambodian hair extensions.

There are a few downsides to consider before buying bundles of Asian raw hair

Asian raw hair bundles have a number of distinctive traits that interest customers, but they also have some disadvantages that you should consider before buying.

  • The price is relatively exorbitant when compared to the area. Although Asian raw hair bundles are of reasonable quality, they pale in comparison to surrounding areas’ connecting hair, such as raw Vietnamese and raw Indonesian hair. Another issue that perplexes many distributors is the relative cost of Asian raw hair bundles. Because for that kind of cash, they can completely choose a different hair type.
  • Because there are only three international airports in Cambodia, some planes must first fly to a country in Europe before continuing on to one or more African countries. This is particularly annoying for distributors in Africa, which has the biggest global concentration of Asian raw hair.
  • Because raw Cambodian hair gathered from underprivileged women is imported by China and other nations that create Asian raw hair extensions. 

As a result, several hair suppliers in China market their hair extensions as being created from Asian raw hair. However, up to 50% of that hair does not actually come from Cambodia. The aforementioned drawbacks most likely won’t have a substantial influence if this hair type meets your requirements.

5S Hair Factory provides the best Asian raw hair

This Asian raw hair manufacturer has been producing hair extensions for thirty years. Because of the factory’s excellent hair quality and competitive prices, which are regularly mentioned by clients, they decided to stick with 5S Hair Factory in order to advance in the hair extension sector.

5S Hair Factory provides the best Asian raw hair

Additionally, you can contact the 5S Hair consultation staff every day of the week. Working with Asian raw hair extensions gives them a lot of experience. Additionally, they could be able to help you with any problems you’re having, such how to start up a wholesale hair seller or keep a fashionable hairdo.


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