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While not all vacuum cleaner manufacturers are taking the wraps off new products, those who do are displaying models that mix and match existing features to create new items.

HEPA filters and electronic dirt sensors are appearing on lower-priced vacs. Dirt sensors are being added to bagless cyclonic-action models, and cyclonic technology is being added to stick vacs. Hoover is putting its WindTunnel nozzle design on a canister unit, while Dirt Devil’s Mop Vac is growing a cord.

The following floor-care products are among those being displayed by the vendors participating in the show.

Dirt Devil promises three introductions, headed by the Swivel Glide Vision with Sensors, which incorporates a dirt sensor system that signals carpet cleanliness with red and green lights. It also has a three-stage filtration system that directs debris into the dirt container, and a HEPA filter cartridge at the exhaust that traps all pollens and 99.97 percent of other fine dust and allergens. A lever deactivates the nozzle brush for cleaning bare floors.

A Hide-A-Hose system keeps the stretch hose out of sight until it’s needed to clean a flight of stairs. The vac, which will be marketed in October, will retail for under $250.

The corded Mop Vac 2 will provide 20 percent more suction than the cordless Mop Vac, which Dirt Devil plans to phase out. Like the earlier model, Mop Vac 2 has two tanks — one to hold hot tap water and cleaning solution, the other for dirty water vacuumed from the floor. Mop Vac 2 also has an easier-to-use wringer handle and a long power cord. This model will reach stores in September with a suggested retail of $59.99.

With a 4-amp motor, Dirt Devil’s Power Stick will offer greater suction for cleaning hard-surface floors, said the company. A triangular nozzle gets under furniture and into tight places. On-board tools clean windowsills, coffee tables and upholstery. This bagless vacuum has an easy-emptying dirt cup. The Power Stick will be marketed in July with a suggested price of $39.99.

Eureka displays a six-model line of Smart Vacs, which promise technology and innovation at frugal prices, and includes uprights, a canister and a home-cleaning system. Four models have True HEPA sealed filtration systems; two have microfiltration systems.

Upright models 7975 and 4476 have Dirt Alert electronic indicators that use infrared light to note carpet cleanliness. Model 5185 has a two-motor self-propulsion system. The model 6865 Home Cleaning System offers floor-to-ceiling attachments, a motorized carpet nozzle, a double-sweep brush roll and a cord reel. All have on-board tools. Suggested prices range from $119.95 to $229.99.

Hoover unveils its WindTunnel canister vacuum during the show. Like its upright cousins, the canister incorporates a dual-duct design in the nozzle, which pulls dirt sideways, away from the agitator (and possible redistribution onto the carpet) before directing it up into the bag. A transparent agitator cavity enables users to view dirt-pickup action.

An allergen-filtration system, which minimizes the escape of fine particles back into the air, has a two-ply disposable filter that traps all dust mites and 99.9 percent of ragweed and grass pollen. Other features of this canister include an on/off switch that stops the rotating agitator for bare floors, a 25-foot cord with automatic rewind, edge groomers and on-board tools.

An updated Quik-Broom stick vac line will also debut at the Hoover booth. The five models offer cyclonic airflow, see-through dirt cups and nozzles, an attached hose with crevice tool (for cleaning under the refrigerator), and washable filter. Model S2610 also has a power nozzle whose brushroll can be shut down for bare-floor cleaning. Hoover is giving these models names (Portapower, Sprint, Encore, etc.) but is not raising prices from earlier models (between $29.95 and $99.95).

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Rounding out Hoover’s exhibits is the FloorMax hard-floor machine, which can clean, scrub, buff and polish tile, linoleum and sealed hardwood floors and shampoo carpets. The machine has a dual tank that holds hot tap water and cleaning solution in an outer bladder, and inhales the dirty water into the inner bladder. Various models come with brushes, buffing and waxing pads, and shampoo brushes.

Bissell shows its Easy Vac and Easy Vac Plus bare-floor three-in-one vacuums that convert from upright to canister to handheld units. Both have 3M Filtrete filtration systems. On-board attachments on the Easy Vac enable it to clean stairs, drapes, automobiles and carpets. The Easy Vac has a 4-amp motor; the Easy Vac Plus has a 5-amp motor.

The Lift-Off upright with detachable canister vacuum also will be displayed by Bissell. Able to clean both carpets and bare floors, this vac’s features include a 12-amp twin motor system, 3M Filtrete vac bags and exhaust filter, and five

on-board tools that require no assembly.

Rounding out Bissell’s offerings is the PowerSteamer ProHeat Plus, which has an internal heating element that warms the hot tap water and cleaning solution by 30 degrees Fahrenheit to improve the unit’s overall cleaning ability. Features include a Dirtlifter Powerbrush, an 8-foot upholstery hose, a tough stain brush, a spraying crevice tool and a bare-floor tool.

Goldstar/LG Electronics exhibits their two TwinTurbo upright vacuum cleaners. Both feature two-stage, 12-amp motors with bypass airflow systems that deliver suction equal to 80 inches of waterlift. Common features include low operating noise, automatic carpet height adjustment and a tilt-function handle. Model V-7515T also has HEPA filtration, a rug/floor selector and a 35-foot cord. Model V-7513-T has a seven-stage micron filter and a 25-foot cord. Both have stretch hoses for on-board tools.

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