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Blonde hair extensions: Which is right for you?

Among widely-purchased hair colors, blonde hair extensions turn out to be the most outstanding. Blonde hair extensions can make you unique in a crowd. If you want to know which one is the most suitable, check out this article.

Blonde hair extensions and necessary knowledge

Overview of blonde hair extensions

Lighter hair can be beautiful but it can also weaken and even thin out your hair. The best solution to keep the hair healthy and own a unique color is  blonde hair extensions. We understand how frustrating it can be to find the ‘perfect blonde’ only to discover that it doesn’t even come close to matching your hair color. That’s why today, we’re going to go over all of our blonde hair extensions’ different shades. 

Overview of blonde hair extensions

Blonde clip-in hair extensions, blonde permanent hair extensions, and even blonde curly hair extensions can all be found in a variety of shades that cater to different undertones: warm, cool, and everything in between. This is the blog for you if you have or want blonde hair.

Diverse types of blonde hair extensions

We will go through the following types of blonde hair extensions. It is evaluated on the basis of color quality and who should give it a try.

Lightest Blonde (#60) – a type of blonde hair extensions

Most natural-looking white-blonde hair extensions with cool and warm undertones, this is the lightest blonde we offer. When you go to the hairdresser and say, “give me ice blonde locks,” they’ll give you exactly that shade. 

Lightest Blonde (#60) – a type of blonde hair extensions

As an all-over color, it’s sure to draw attention, so be prepared to get stared at. This color is especially flattering on people with fair skin and light eyes. Blonde balayage often utilizes this shade of blonde.

Bleach Blonde (#613) – a type of blonde hair extensions

It’s one of most popular blonde hair extensions, with a golden yellow undertone that makes it look sun-kissed.

Bleach Blonde (#613) – a type of blonde hair extensions

When compared to the lightest blonde hair extensions, the #613 bleach blonde hair extensions have a slightly more yellow undertone. You’ll want these extensions if your hair has a yellow undertone to it, like Paris Hilton’s. The bleach blondes’ hair color is a warm blonde with lighter strands woven in. As a natural brunette, you’ll be able to easily transition into this color by using this product. Also, you can use #18/613 extensions to achieve the look of blonde hair that has been highlighted.

Light Ash Blonde Hair Extensions (#22) – a type of blonde hair extensions

When picturing a classic blonde bombshell, chances are they have an ash blonde tone—a light blonde with some ashy undertones—in their hair, which is very similar to the ash blonde tone. Adding light ash blonde hair extensions to your hair is an excellent way to achieve an ashy blonde look. They’re perfect for tonal palettes with a little less yellow in them.

Light Golden Blonde (#16) – a type of blonde hair extensions

In a honey-gold color, this honey-gold blonde hair extensions has a warm golden glow. This color is great for ombre hairstyles and can also be used as a solid color. For blondes with more of a golden hue, #16 is the best option. 

Light Golden Blonde (#16) – a type of blonde hair extensions

The color is still light, but it has a more golden hue, making it ideal for summary blondes. You won’t have to worry about your skin looking out of place in comparison to your hair color because it has a honey-like balayage.

Dark Blonde Hair Extensions (#14) – a type of blonde hair extensions

 dark blonde hair extensions are the profoundest shade of blonde we offer, with warm brown undertones. It’s also a great option for those who are just starting out with blonde hair or are looking for a more natural look. The beautiful warm tones in this rich, shiny blonde will go well with any skin tone.

Queen Hair – The best blonde hair extensions supplier

It’s no secret that Queen Hair is a top wholesaler of blonde hair extensions, supplying them to salons and wholesalers around the world as well as making and selling their own extensions. Because Queen Hair is located right in the heart of Vietnam’s raw material, the delivery process can be completed quickly and easily.

Queen Hair – The best blonde hair extensions supplier
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