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Along with the rising popularity of Asian countries in the bulk human hair industry, Europe is another potential market for hair that shouldn’t be disregarded. In this essay, we’ll go over the essential details concerning raw European hair.

Features of hair sold by raw European hair vendors

If you want to buy raw European hair from a vendor, you must first understand their costs and qualities, which are stated below:

  • Because it is of exceptional quality and has an intact cuticle, raw European hair is popular. The cuticle is the hair’s outermost layer. After use or brushing, the cuticles protect the hair from harm and tangling.
Features of hair sold by raw European hair vendors
  • Natural raw European hair is typically brown or light in color and has a fine, silky texture. Typically, consumers purchase European hair with the intention of using it right away, without bleaching or changing the color. Due to its rarity and unique qualities, this hair type is quite expensive and adored by many consumers.

A directory of vendors selling raw European hair

Russian hair extension wholesalers are well known for their Slavic hair brand, a well-liked raw European hair kind. Slavic hair is commonly mentioned by hairdressers and hair extensions. Slavic hair, also known as “Russian/Ukrainian gold,” is the pinnacle of hair beauty and a symbol of prosperity. Due to the political regime of the former Soviet Union’s influence, wholesale Russian hair extensions vendors previously used to buy raw European hair. 

Wholesalers of Brazilian raw European hair

The texture of bulk virgin Brazilian human hair complements most hair types, has the best softness, and takes the least amount of maintenance.

  • Did you know, though, that most Brazilian hair does not come from Brazil? Since agents are aware that consumers genuinely appreciate Brazilian hair, they usually merely mention it to gain the trust of customers and promote their brands.
Wholesalers of Brazilian raw European hair
  • So where does the majority of Brazilian hair originate? According to statistics, the majority of “Brazilian hair” imports come from factories making hair in Vietnam, India, China, and other Asian nations.

Features of Asian hair vendors’ hair

Vietnamese hair merchants are Asia’s biggest wholesale hair providers.

  • Source: The majority of hair is primarily collected from Highland women. Because they are in good health, frequently work outside in the sun, and live in a relatively cool area, they have healthy, natural-looking hair. This is yet another component that makes Vietnamese hair last longer. They also frequently employ natural herbal therapies to support healthy hair from the inside.
  • Its smooth, dark, and organic luster complements African skin tones and fashion trends well. Hair can be styled in a variety of appealing, unique, or unusual ways while yet maintaining its natural color, silky texture, and durability. Vietnam is thus one of the trustworthy sources for wholesale hair.
  • Reasonable Price: Vietnamese hair is not as cheap as Chinese or Indian hair, but given its great quality, its pricing is still fair. Pricing normally starts at $8.9 per bundle, which is excellent for clients wishing to buy in large quantities and boost their income in the hair business.
Features of Asian hair vendors’ hair

Features of Chinese hair 

In truth, China has the world’s widest variety of hair resources. They can only buy a very little amount of hair from the locals; instead, they typically import it from nearby Asian nations like Vietnam, Cambodia, and India. Due to its extremely varied quality, which is the consequence of its purchase from many sources, it is suited for a broad spectrum of consumers. Chinese hairdressers have a number of benefits, including exceptionally large-scale manufacturing and excellent marketing.

Why should I select wholesalers of Cambodian hair instead of raw European hair?

Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian hair are just a few of the hair types available in the wholesale market for raw hair. 

  • The hair from raw Cambodian hair vendor is another of the sought-after sources because of the thickness. If you want to find merchants or learn more about Cambodian wholesale hair, you shouldn’t miss this post.
  • Cambodian hair vendors offer all three types, particularly straight, wavy, and curly, in large quantities. The purest type of hair produced in raw Cambodian hair factories is naturally wavy hair. Additionally, the natural, fresh aroma of wholesale Cambodian hair makes it simpler to distinguish between virgin and synthetic hair.

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