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How can hair shedding and tangle be prevented?

Depending on how the hair is used, hair shedding and tangle are regular problems that can affect both high-quality and low-quality hair. This blog explains the reason why it happens as well as the best way to stop hair from tangling and shedding.

What causes hair shedding and tangle?

One of the biggest reasons for hair shedding and tangle is improper hair care. Let’s go into more detail about it!

  • Using chemicals continuously to make one more beautiful. While meeting women’s needs for beauty is important, you shouldn’t use chemicals to change hairstyles or hair shedding and tangle. Prior to having lovely hair on the exterior, your hair needs time to recover from the severe damage caused by hot drying by breathing and absorbing nutrients.
  • Too much shampooing and everyday hair washing are discouraged since they weaken and easily hair shedding and tangle. It also eliminates exfoliants and natural oils from the scalp to stop extreme hair shedding and tangling. Eventually, it might result in hair shedding and tangling.
  • If you brush your hair incorrectly or too frequently throughout the day, especially if you have bangs or if hair shedding and tangle from your legs down, your hair will suffer serious damage. Before going to bed, you should remove the natural oils from your scalp so that your hair will grow more swiftly and beautifully.

A survey conducted in Nigeria found that untrustworthy sources are the main causes of hair loss and tangle problems. 

Methods to reduce hair shedding and tangle

Hair shedding and tangle are two things you want to avoid. The strategies that have been updated and are listed below work best for maintaining healthy hair.

Choose hair extensions to prevent hair from tangling and shedding.

Why is using hair extensions vital to stop hair from tangling and shedding? The two materials that are used to produce hair extensions are real hair and synthetic fiber. It is advised that girls choose real hair options when thinking about hair shedding and tangle. You will have stunning, natural hair that feels and looks like your own hair and an easier approach to manage extensions even if the cost is slightly higher.

Choose hair extensions to prevent hair from tangling and shedding.

For the highest quality hair from a Vietnamese hair factory at the most affordable factory prices, get in contact with Ms. Lily, a senior hair specialist and business consultant in the wholesale hair distributor market.

Maintain a consistent hair care routine to lessen hair shedding and tangle

After each shampoo, the proper shampoo and conditioner should be applied. Ideally, you should wash your hair two to three times every week. Keep in mind to only use cool water to wash your hair; avoid using hot or cold water, and use a soft towel to dry it afterward. Use a blow dryer to properly dry your hair in cold air to keep it silky and avoidhair shedding and tangle. By regularly eliminating hair ends, pushing the roots effectively encourages hair growth.

Wash your hair properly to prevent hair shedding and tangle

Although simple, maintaining hair extensions necessitates close attention to even the smallest of details. Avoid tugging or messing with your hair when you wash it because doing so could result in hair shedding and tangle. 

  • Real hair and wigs are connected by means of hair extensions. You might need to be aware of the three parts of the closure to make sure you wash it properly.
  • Before rinsing, make sure your hair is evenly brushed because hair that is tangled and becomes wet will get very tangled. Avoid hair shedding and tangle by gently massaging the shampoo through your hair from top to bottom.
  • When shampooing your hair, keep in mind to use your fingertips rather than your nails to avoid hair shedding and tangle. Run your hands through the strands of the extensions while massaging the scalp and hair ends. 

Standing under the shower and letting your hair naturally fall down your back is the best way to wash your hair because tilting your head back while doing so increases the danger of hair shedding and tangle.

The greatest hair supply for avoiding hair shedding and tangle

The main hair supplier in the country, 5S Hair Vietnam, focuses on supplying markets in Africa, Europe, the Americas, and several key hair traders in the region with hair extensions. Customers can shop with confidence knowing that 5S Hair continually puts quality first and will help them avoid hair losing and tangling.

The greatest hair supply for avoiding hair shedding and tangle

The best wholesale hair provider has been named as 5S Hair. They set themselves apart from other hair vendors in this country since they own their own factory. Every day, the workers’ knowledge and skills are drilled and reviewed.


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