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How to properly wash human hair extensions

Human hair extensions come in four different varieties: clip-in, tape-in, tip, and ponytail. You could be perplexed about how to maintain them, particularly how to wash human hair extensions properly, because each variety has unique features. Here, I’ll walk you through the process of washing human hair extensions step by step.

Steps to wash human hair extensions

Prepare your hair, and we’ll go right to the techniques for correctly washing human hair extensions. Remember that they only apply to Tape, Tip, and Ponytail, which you must remove prior to the procedure. washing human hair extensions involves brushing, shampooing, conditioning, and drying.

First step of washing human hair extensions: Brushing

It is important to remember that your hair is tangle-free when it is still dry before you wash Vietnamese hair extensions, even though you have probably already read about and are familiar with this procedure. Your human hair extension may shed, tangle, and become so messy that you may even run your finger through it if you skip this step and wash it right away. Therefore, before putting your hair extension in the water, remember to brush it well.

Second step of washing human hair extensions: Shampoo

Here, I’ll demonstrate the most crucial step of washing human hair extensions recommended by professionals: shampooing. The method is:

  • Get a big bow of warm water ready.
  • Include your preferred shampoo (best is organic product)
  • Place the bow over your hair and let it sit for 8 to 10 minutes.After ten minutes, thoroughly rinse it off with water.

Whether it is a tape, tip, or ponytail extension, you need to pay close attention to the tip to prevent damage.

Third step of washing human hair extensions: Conditioner

Conditioning comes after the third stage of washing human hair extensions. Because they are sluggish and have already completed the cleaning stage, some people typically skip this step. Your hair extension is dry and does not appear to be as lustrous because of this.

Using a conditioner after shampooing will restore moisture to your hair

Using a conditioner after shampooing will restore moisture and vitamins to your hair. You should apply conditioner to your hair, let it sit for three to five minutes, and then gently rinse it off with fresh water. Squeeze the water out of the hair, then use a towel to absorb any extra moisture.

Third step of washing human hair extensions: Drying

The final task is drying the human hair extension after washing the human hair extension and following all of the preceding instructions. The two most popular methods for drying hair extensions are blow-drying and natural drying. If you want to keep your human hair extension lustrous and full-bodied, heat is not your friend. As a result, natural drying is preferable to blow drying, however it takes significantly longer, especially in the cold. Because blow drying dries your hair in a couple of minutes, it is preferred.

Notices on how to wash human hair extension

Here are some warnings regarding the washing process for human hair extensions.

  • Be careful not to brush or crush too much.
  • Avoid washing human hair extension every day; instead, simply wash it once or twice a week when you feel it needs it.
  • Apply conditioner away from the attachments and away from the roots. It may cause the bonds to deteriorate and your extensions to fall out.
  • Avoid over-nourishing them or over-conditioning them because this will make them appear lifeless and limp and speed up the rate at which they become dirty again.
  • Dry your hair gently, working from the roots to the ends in a downward motion rather than rubbing it.
Notices on how to wash human hair extension

Where to locate high-quality hair extensions and how to wash human hair extensions

No matter how well you take care of weft hair extensions or raw hair extensions, they won’t get any better if you use synthetic or low-quality human hair; instead, they will only get worse. Even if you wash human hair extension properly, it will be difficult to make them richer and healthier because they don’t grow back from your scalp like natural hair does. This is because the hair itself is already damaged and in poor condition. Therefore, the first step in ensuring that your human hair extension lasts a long time and remains gorgeous is to purchase one of high quality.

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