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How to remove keratin bonds at home and k tip extensions care

After a while, we have to remove our keratin bond hair extensions and get new ones. We routinely go to hair salons and request treatment for our k tip extensions care. But with the right help, we can totally dissolve keratin connections at home.

Why is performing k tip extensions care remover at home necessary?

K tip extensions care are well-liked because of their natural appearance and durability. However, applying and removing keratin bond hair extensions will require a lot of expertise and understanding. However, this will take a lot of time and money if you work with hair salons.

  • K-tip extensions only require maintenance every six to eight weeks. Once this period has passed, the keratin bonding glue won’t hold hair extensions in place as well as it once did, and you’re more prone to notice hair extensions slipping, especially if you have a challenging Nigerian women’s hairdo. You must perform k tip extensions care removal at home.
  • Furthermore, if you use k tip extensions care for a long time without changing them, they will start to lose their luster. The gradual decomposition of the keratin bonding adhesive also affects the natural hair and scalp.
  • You must be very cautious and apply the right technique while using a k tip extensions care remover at home. If not, the keratin bond adhesive won’t be completely removed. This will damage the natural hair and make it less attractive on the outside.

Even if it is quite important, you may absolutely take care of k tip extensions care at home to save time and money. It’s actually much easier than you might think to perform keratin bond remover at home.

How to properly remove k tip extensions care at home

Applying k tip extensions care remover at home is made simple by following the steps stated below. 

What we must do to get ready to use a keratin bond remover at home

Initially, you need to collect the following basic tools. These items are relatively easy to locate and may be found at any hair salon. They will be quite helpful for k tip extensions care removal at home.

  • Prepare the essentials, such as combs and hairpins, for your hair. To enable it to be fastened, you must divide your hair into manageable sections, much like when putting k tip extensions care. 
  • Your hair should now be divided into portions, and the leftover strands should be clipped for later removal. If you do this, you’ll find it simpler to do activities and avoid having your hair get tangled.
  • Using pliers will help you shred the keratin bonding glue prior to doing the k tip extensions care remover at home. As a result, it will be simpler to remove keratin bond hair extensions. The foil will make it easier to take off the keratin adhesive from hair extensions more quickly.

The following is a list of the components you’ll need to make keratin glue remover for hair extensions. You should assemble all of these items to make the removal of k tip extensions care simpler and faster.

Home removal of keratin bonds

K tip extensions care can be done in a few simple steps at home. Simply follow the below listed guidelines for the home treatment to dissolve keratin bonds. However, if this is your first time, keep in mind to acquire all the necessary equipment and move cautiously.

  • First, divide your hair into small sections and straighten it with a brush. After that, carefully clip the remainder of your hair using a few k tip extensions care curls. If the rest of your hair is not carefully cut, it will tangle and maybe even break.
  • You use pliers to carefully press the keratin bonding adhesive while applying k tip extensions care at home. You should handle it very delicately in order to protect both the natural hair and the extension hair. Just a little bit of disintegration of the keratin connecting glue will do.
  • The right amount of acetone needs to be added to the keratin bonding glue. To hasten the elimination of the keratin bond at home, the hair that has recently received acetone treatment should be wrapped in foil. If foil is not used, the k tip extensions care maintenance method may usually be finished at home in less than 30 minutes. After performing the aforementioned 3 simple processes, you can remove the foil and see the outcome.
Home removal of keratin bonds

K tip extensions can now be carefully removed from the hair because the keratin bonding adhesive has completely dissolved by this point. To avoid damaging your hair, make sure to carefully and gently follow the directions.

Following home use of a keratin bond remover, hair maintenance

Even while the method of using acetone for k tip extensions care remover at home is less hazardous to both your real hair and your extensions, you still need to take care of your hair. When utilizing keratin glue remover for hair extensions, we cannot be positive that we are not overstimulating the hair.

  • As acetone contains a lot of alcohol, you must first wash your hair after removing the keratin bonding adhesive. If you leave acetone in your k tip extensions care  for a long time, it will become extremely dry and brittle.
  • We should hydrate our hair after exerting even the tiniest bit of effort on it because it is so delicate. After removing a k tip extensions care at home, you should avoid using intense heat on your hair, especially if any of your hair was in contact with the bonding glue directly. When drying your hair, use the lowest heat setting possible or cold air.
  • It is suggested to wait at least two weeks before straightening or curling k tip extensions care to avoid itching after that time. Along with these fundamental hair care rules, you should properly braid your hair before night, refrain from regularly washing your hair, and brush your hair often.

You should make your k tip extensions care routine regular  ritual if you want lovely, healthy hair.

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