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K Hair Factory: How Hair Extensions Are Made In K-Hair

K Hair Factory is the biggest hair factory in Vietnam. Not only famous for the large scale which includes several offices in many different countries, K Hair factory is also well-known for the amazing production and hair quality. In this article, we will focus on introducing our factory and its production to give you the answers why it is so famous and trustworthy.

K-Hair company was established in 1996. Up to now, it has been in the hair business for nearly 30 years. During that period of time, K-Hair factory has always kept its basic principles that lead to success in hair production. Right below, we will explain the factory’s key principle in producing hair as well as the process of hair collection and hair production. The production will be analyzed in terms of 3 specific phases in 3 different factories: raw processing, coil & style processing and extension processing.

The first thing to mention is the key principle in production of K Hair factory. In fact, it is also the slogan of the company. “QUALITY IS KING.” No matter how many evolutions have been made to improve the hair extension production, the quality of the end-products are always the first priority. In K Hair factory, quality is ensured in every process. The hair materials must be qualified; the producing techniques and facilities must be qualified; the workers must be skillful, meticulous and qualified; the package must be careful and qualified, and the controllers, of course, must be qualified as well. Then, how qualified do they need to be? It is hard to explain them all exactly, but they do have to meet the requirements of a top 1 hair factory. All standards are at the highest level in comparison with other wholesale hair vendors all over the world. To maintain this, K-Hair staff and K Hair factory have had to put endless efforts up to now!

The process of hair material collection is also of importance in producing hair extensions. If the factory only focuses on producing techniques without paying enough attention to the hair materials, then the end-products still cannot have high quality at all. Understanding this, in addition to going abroad to adopt advanced techniques and machines, K-Hair CEO, managers and staff never hesitate to approach inconvenient rural and mountainous areas to search for the best hair sources. K Hair factory will only produce hair extensions from raw human virgin hair and human remy hair. All of the hair is directly cut from donors who are young women with healthy hair. Women in these regions specially have a healthy lifestyle from working, eating to hair care, which pretty much ensures the high hair quality. What’s more, to make sure the hair materials are always fresh, the hair is never collected in too big a quantity in stock, but it will be collected when there is a new order. Although this practice is time, money and effort consuming, K Hair factory is satisfied with the worthy results!

About the main process in production, K-Hair specializes it into 3 specific phases: raw processing, coil & style processing and extension processing. Such a specialization in production does help the factory work more effectively and efficiently, which also means customers can receive high-quality hair earlier. Normally, it takes K Hair factory only about 7-14 days to have the fresh hair extensions done.

  • About the raw processing phase: After the raw hair is collected, it will be initially processed by the factory workers. The workers will get rid of all the dust and arrange the hair all in the same direction. According to different length and quality grades (single drawn hair, double drawn hair, super double drawn hair or VIP hair), the hair will be arranged in different lengths and volumes. For customers who want to buy raw hair bulk to restyle later by themselves, K Hair factory will group the hair into bundles or pieces of 100g each.

  • About the coil & style processing phase: After the raw hair is processed, it will be moved to the styling process. There are a variety of hairstyles that K Hair factory can apply on its high-quality raw hair. The hairstyles chosen depend on the demands of buyers. Normally, buyers can consult the sales staff and choose from K-Hair catalogs for best-selling and trendy styles like bone straight, kinky curly, deep wavy, natural wave, bob, etc in full colors (piano, blond, choco brown, capuchina, violet, natural color, etc). Besides, K Hair factory will also style the hair into specific requirements from buyers.

  • About the extension processing phase: It is when the hair extensions are completed with extension type forming. The most popular type of hair extensions is the weft hair extension. Each weft hair extension is weaved into a weft of about 1 meter long. Then, the wefts will be formed into bundles of about 100g each. Other types are closures, frontals, wigs, clip-in, tape-in, tip-in and ponytail hair extensions.

Above are all about the process of producing hair extensions in K Hair factory. All the phases are carried out with knowledge and love, so the hair quality is always great. For wholesalers who want to check the production directly before making any orders, you can definitely visit our factory for a lively observation

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