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Vietnamese Hair Factory is the greatest because of the high-quality hair at reasonable prices. If you’re looking for hair extensions factories, Vietnamese hair extension manufacturers are a great spot to begin your search. It’s crucial to be aware of the following details about Vietnamese hair wholesalers and their network of hair factories.

Facts about the Vietnamese hair extensions factories 

Have you ever wondered why so many salons and retail outlets favor Vietnamese hair from hair extensions factories in Vietnam? After completing a survey with experts who rank them, we will give a full explanation of why Vietnamese Hair Factory have the best quality.

How does the Vietnamese Hair Factory obtain its hair?

Vietnamese hair is frequently used in the production of Vietnamese hair extensions. Vietnamese Hair is fully made from real hair donated by Vietnamese women. Single drawn, double drawn, and super double are the three hair grades that are present.

Why are Vietnamese hair sellers so well-liked?

Vietnamese hair is becoming more and more popular, and the industry is growing swiftly. Investors from other countries go to Vietnam to do business in the hair industry because they understand the hair extensions factories there have a great deal of potential.

A Vietnamese hair extensions factories produces basic hair products

Vietnamese hair products from Vietnam Hair Factory

A Vietnamese hair extensions factories produces basic hair products

Vietnamese hair is made from healthy Vietnamese donors who provide only 100% genuine human hair. Vietnam’s hair extensions factories are renowned for supplying salons and new hair stores with hair. Vietnamese hair is very durable, strong,  doesn’t tangle and goes well with various colors and haircuts.

Hair quality levels in Vietnamese hair extension factories

Three main hair grades are frequently used by Vietnamese hair dealers:

  • Single drawn hair is the least expensive and of the lowest quality since only 45–50% of the hair strands are the same length and the remainder is mixed with shorter hair.
  • With 60 to 70 percent of the hair strands having the same length and the remaining 20 to 30 percent being mixed, double drawn hair is of exceptional quality and affordably priced. This is the most popular product in the Vietnamese hair extensions factories. 
  • The best and most expensive type of hair is super double drawn, with 80–90% of the hair being the same length.

VIP Full Length is a special order grade with the highest quality and most expensive pricing, in addition to the three major classes described above. Since 99.9% of the hair in this grade is the same length, it is consistently full from top to bottom.

5S Hair Factory is a well-known Vietnamese hair extensions factories

5S Hair Factory is a well-known Vietnamese hair extensions factories

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