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Must read Jen Hair Vietnam reviews before buying Vietnamese hair

Jen Hair Vietnam is a reputable Vietnamese hair supplier. If you want to know more about their work, take a look at Jen Hair Vietnam reviews about every aspect of their business, including their products, price, quality, payment, and shipping.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Company overviews

Jen Hair has steadily grown since its founding in 2017 to become the largest hair company in Vietnam. They are the owners of the largest hair factory in Vietnam, an adequate facility with cutting-edge manufacturing lines and highly qualified staff. The plant is now operational and has the capacity to process tons of hair annually. As one of the top Vietnamese hair companies, they take great pride in providing the greatest human hair bulk, lace wigs, and weaves available. Detailed information on this hair supplier’s work will be discovered in the next part of Jen Hair Vietnam reviews.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Their products

Jen Hair provides a wide range of products which includes hair bulk, hair weft, frontals, closures, and Vietnamese hair extensions which are carefully sourced by experts and selected depending on their popularity.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Hair bulk

Hair bulk from Jen Hair is made from Vietnamese Remy hair that has been brushed and put through strict quality control to be ready for use.

  • Variety: hair for bleaching, wavy hair, straight hair, and vip collection.
  • Price: Based on the quality and length you choose, this premium human hair will cost you between $302 and $1,221 a kilogram.
  • Length: The available hair lengths vary between 6 inches and 36 inches.
  • Color: Mostly black, dark brown, silver,..The hair color is ideal for someone who appreciates natural beauty. You may choose from natural color, highlight color, or two-tone color and mixed color so that you can meet your needs.

Based on various Jen Hair Vietnam reviews, hair bulk from this hair vendor, specially dyed hair has beautiful shiny colors, giving out a luxurious feeling.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Hair weft

Many Jen Hair Vietnam reviews on hair weft stated that they have various unique colors that are unique and eye-catching.

  • Textures: Bone straight natural straight, deep curly, yaki, funmi, wavy hair weft
  • Length: Hair weft is available in 8-32 inches
  • Color: Black, two-color hair weft, ombre, red, brown
  • Grade: Jen Hair supplies hair weft in 3 grades: single, double and super double drawn. Their double-drawn Vietnamese hair extensions are highly regarded for high quality and affordability.

Hair wefts from Jen Hair doesn’t have a wide range of textures, however, they have unmatched colors that will captivate the customers’ attention at first sight.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Closures and frontals

Closures and frontals are the favorite products of many customers in Jen Hair Vietnam reviews.

  • Size: A closure will typically be 4 x 4 inches in size while the frontal measures 13 inches across and 4 inches from the rear. However, there are many smaller or larger closures and frontals that can satisfy your requirement.
  • Colours: Black, orange
  • Texture: Bone straight, natural straight

Overall, closures and frontals don’t get much evaluation in Jen Hair Vietnam reviews since there is only a limited number of them in stock.

Jen Hair offers a wide range of products.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Hair quality

Based on various Jen Hair Vietnam reviews, their hair quality stands out for its clear origin, wonderful texture, durability and versatility.

  • Clear origin: Jen Hair is based in Vietnam, a nation that is well-suited to the production of hair thanks to an ample supply of hair that is sourced directly from local women. Healthy diets, natural remedies, and chemical-free hair care regimens all help to take good care of the hair. The hair that was extracted seemed lovely, lustrous, and healthy and was afterward kept in good condition by an excellent manufacturing procedure.
  • Quality control process: Jen Hair Vietnam have a strict quality control procedure in place to make assurancethat each item satisfies their requirements. Before being sent to consumers, each bundle of hair undergoes inspection many times. They stand apart from other businesses due to their meticulous attention to detail.
  • Wonderful texture: The hair accessories offered by Jen Hair Vietnam have a wonderful texture with an appealing sheen and smooth sensation, enabling them to blend in flawlessly with your own hair and leave no signs of installation.
  • Durability: According to many Jen Hair Vietnam reviews, Jen Hair products are robust and long-lasting which need less maintenance thanks to their excellent hair source. If you are aware of how to maintain them properly, they may survive for 6-12 months, making the initial purchase worthwhile.
  • Versatile: The fact that Jen Hair’s goods are adaptable and simple to style into whatever hairdo you choose is one quality that many clients adore. The hair is still lovely whether you choose to straighten it, curl it, or color it your favorite color.

Before making a purchase, remember to read Jen Hair Vietnam reviews on hair quality carefully and you can be sure of the durability and versatility of the products.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Excellent customer service

One area in Jen Hair Vietnam reviews where Jen Hair Vietnam genuinely shines is in customer service with their team’s responsiveness and assistance.

  • Personalization: Many customers who purchased several Jen Hair Vietnam receive a complimentary surprise and a handwritten card thanking them for their order. Although it may have seemed insignificant, it strengthened the clients’ desire to do business with them by making them feel appreciated as a consumer.
  • Expert advice: In addition to the good personalization in Jen Hair Vietnam reviews, their customer service department with queries regarding upkeep and styling is always pleased to assist with the post-purchase process. They actually go above and beyond to make sure their clients are happy with the goods and services they provide.

Their attentiveness to detail and knowledgeable counsel genuinely Jen Hair apart. However, some customers may complain about the delayed response time, which you need to pay attention to when reading Jen Hair Vietnam reviews.

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Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Payment

For pre-storage orders, you can pay us the whole or partial cost up front, and the remainder sum when the order is prepared for shipping. Payments can be made through an intermediary or directly to the business’s account in USD by bank transfers, Western Union, Money Gram, Transfer Wise, World Remit, or coin. Jen Hair Vietnam reviews on payment showed that making payment at Jen Hair is quick, simple, and easy.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Shipping

The employee will examine each hair’s quality, length, and hue once the items are finished and sent to the warehouse; if a hair does not match the standards, the worker will send the item back to the manufacturer within three days. The fast and reliable shipping has made the customers satisfied in various Jen Hair Vietnam reviews.

One of the three biggest shipping companies in the world (DHL, UPS, or FedEx) will then receive the order to distribute the merchandise. Your delivery should come after this in around a week. When purchasing a product that is in stock, the delivery period typically lasts between 24 and 48 hours. If you want it personalized, it might take two to seven days longer since Jen Hair will have to finish processing your requested order and build it as it is not currently in stock.

There are various shipping methods offered by Jen Hair.

Jen Hair Vietnam reviews: Return and exchange policy

On all of their products, Jen Hair guarantees a 100% quality guarantee. According to Jen Hair Vietnam reviews, within ten days of receiving your order, you can return or exchange any Jen Hair Vietnam-shipped items. You can send back the hair items to the store in accordance with the following procedure:

  • Conditions for exchange and return ( applied with unprocessed, unused goods
    products have manufacturing flaws) : The returned items need to arrive exactly on time and at the Jen Hair Vietnam location that was specified.
  • Cost of return shipping: When the merchandise was supplied by mistake or included manufacturing flaws, Jen Hair Vietnam will cover the return shipping expenses. When the products are flawed or damaged, the customer is responsible for the expense of return shipping.
  • Refund: Jen Hair Vietnam will give a refund via PayPal or a Vietnamese bank account for products that meet the requirements for return and exchange.

The exchange and returns policy are what you should take into consideration when deciding to by hair from Jen Hair Vietnam as it will ensure the good shopping experience with this hair supplier.


For anybody searching for premium, reasonably priced Vietnam human hair extensions, I wholeheartedly suggest Jen Hair Vietnam and read Jen Hair Vietnam reviews before making a purchase. Jen Hair Vietnam offers high-quality Vietnam human hair at affordable pricing with quick shipment. Their customer service is also top-notch. Jen Hair Vietnam is a Vietnamese hair brand worth trying, regardless of your experience level with hair extensions.

If you want to buy from then hair but you are new to the hair industry and have no idea about importing hair from Vietnam, read this blog for a detailed guide on how to import hair from Vietnam:

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