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Review about the leading hair extension material: Vietnamese hair

Maybe you’ve heard or seen the original hair of a Vietnamese woman, you will surely be surprised by its beauty. It is also for that reason that Vietnamese hair has become one of the leading materials in the hair extension market from time immemorial.

Vietnamese hair

Overview about Vietnamese hair

In terms of quality, it can be affirmed that Vietnamese hair is one of the strongest and smoothest hair types on the market of hair extensions today.

To be able to make hair extensions from Vietnamese hair, it is necessary to have an abundant source of raw materials and Vietnamese especially comes from the hair of ethnic minority women in Vietnam. Where they live, the traditional beauty is still the long glossy black hair that creates the delicate beauty of Vietnamese girls in the past. And even with the development of society, that hair is still very popular. And with the high quality that Vietnamese hair brings, hair extensions products made from this material are also very valuable in the hair extensions market especially in the international hair extensions market.

Outstanding features of Vietnamese hair

If you are interested in the hair extension market, you should not ignore the following information about Vietnamese hair because this is a high-quality source of raw materials in the current hair extension market.

outstanding features of Vietnamese hair

The origin of Vietnamese hair

First of all, let’s learn about its origin to know more about this material:

  • It is clear that Vietnamese hair originates in Vietnam, but is it possible to find a source for this material everywhere? Definitely not because today’s society is developing and the need to sell hair of modern Vietnamese women is not there, so hair dealers in Vietnam now have to find a source of women in the high mountains of Vietnam.
  • In those places, women still have traditions such as growing long hair and because they cannot afford expensive hair care products, they have used natural medicinal herbs such as aloe vera, locust, all kinds of herbs to wash their hair, so their hair can be said to be a very special material.
  • And since then, Vietnamese hair has become a famous brand in the hair extension market that is sought and purchased by hair traders in large quantities. when its value is increased significantly, it is understandable that the supply will also begin to consolidate. Therefore, Vietnamese hair is increasingly cared for in large quantities to be able to meet the purchasing needs of the current hair extension market.

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Pros and cons of Vietnamese hair

The advantages and disadvantages will be what customers care about when choosing a product, especially a high quality product like Vietnamese hair.

Pros and cons of Vietnamese hair
  • About the advantages: Vietnamese hair has a foundation of naturally strong hair that does not use any chemicals and has an amazing shiny black color. Many countries in the world also have black hair, but to be both black and shiny like Vietnamese hair, it is not everywhere. In addition, Vietnamese hair has many different lengths collected from many different sources so that when making hair extensions, there will be the best choice. Customers can also freely change hair extensions made from Vietnamese hair because the durability of the hair can withstand many chemicals for many times and a long time.
  • About the disadvantages: Vietnamese hair is quite expensive compared to other raw materials to make a high quality hair extension product. Because it is a source of raw materials that are not available everywhere and the quantity is not too large, the price of Vietnamese hair is increasing day by day. And especially you must know how to take care of hair extensions made from Vietnamese hair carefully because the weather in Vietnam is quite special, so if you change the environment and how to take care of it, it will surely be damaged more or less.
  • Regardless of the advantages or disadvantages of Vietnamese hair, for any hair extension product, take care of it as well as your hair so that you can keep its beauty as long as possible. Otherwise you will feel really sorry for the money and regret that the product has not been taken care of properly so it can only be used for a short time.

5S hair factory provides high quality Vietnamese hair

Coming to the Vietnam hair extension market, you certainly cannot ignore the 5S hair factory because 5S hair factory is currently one of the hair extensions markets providing the top quality weft hair extension and other products in Vietnam. And with a market with local supply like 5S hair factory, the fact that you can buy hair extensions from Vietnamese hair or buy Vietnamese hair directly is something that you will be extremely assured of. 5S hair factory always provides customers with the best products from high-tech manufacturers with modern technology that can surely satisfy all customers who have chosen to trust and buy at 5S hair factory.

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