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These Are The Guides Of How To Wear Handbag

Today, there are many types of handbags suitable for everyone with different outfits. However, not everyone knows the correct way to hold a handbag. Here are some mistakes women make when carrying handbags.

1. How to wear handbag based on your body shape

There are many body shapes of women, thus handbags are designed to meet each of them.

1.1. How to wear handbag with apple shaped body

If you prefer small, short, round bags, you have made a mistake.

How to wear handbag with apple shaped body
  • You need to create an illusion to balance the contours of the body. The size and design of the handbag you choose makes all the difference.
  • Choose a medium to large bag instead! You can choose a hard leather handbag with a square design.

1.2. How to wear handbag with rectangular shaped body

  • They often have a geometric bag design that is too square and too stiff.Such a hard square bag reveals many imperfections on your slender figure, making you look unbalanced and attractive. Make it a body.
  • The correct way to wear a handbag: For this body type, choose a soft material handbag design, or choose a slightly curved design to balance your slender body, and the length of the strap so that the bag falls on your waist. must be
  • Instead, seek for soft leather, canvas, oversized satchels, totes, and hobo styles.

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2. How to wear handbag based on the length of the strap

This is the second thing you should take into account.

How to wear handbag based on the length of the strap
  • Straps play a big part in choosing a bag. If it is too thin, it may damage your skin. Aside from not being able to support it, the weight of the wallet has to be held.
  • So if you choose the one with the larger straps, it will work best for your body.

So, hopefully you have had the tips of how to wear handbag properly.

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