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What should you be aware of regarding human hair wigs

A human hair wig is the first choice of any wig wearer. Human hair wigs offer you that true appearance, and the movement of the hair is highly lifelike. Your human hair wig can be styled anyway you desire, and human hair wigs last longer than synthetic hair wigs.

Getting started with wholesale human hair wigs

According to analysis, the wig wholesale has practically become a requirement for every woman of African descent. With the increase in demand for wigs, so do the wholesale wig suppliers. Retailers of wholesale human hair wigs have become a typical kind of wholesale hair seller as a result.

An introduction to human hair wigs

Weft hair extensions are a form of wig, however because the human hair wig has a 3D circular shape similar to a hat and the closure is only a straightforward square piece, the stitching is more complicated. Human hair wigs are worn on the head to completely or partially hide real hair. The two types of wigs that wholesale wig suppliers commonly offer are half-head and full-head wigs.

The source of the human hair wig

Wholesale wig vendors provide both real human hair and synthetic fiber human hair wigs. Every type will have particular advantages and disadvantages.

  • Synthetic-made wigs: These human hair wigs can’t be styled and seem incredibly unnatural. Because it is less expensive, wholesalers of human hair wigs may occasionally sell certain hair types to customers who are on a tight budget or who don’t place a great priority on naturalness.
                                                The source of the human hair wig
  • The best option to obtain a naturally beautiful look is always human hair. It may be fashioned and dyed in various ways, and it is more natural-looking and has a natural sheen. Customers are more likely to make additional purchases because of the mesh design’s ability to prevent scalp clogging.
  • In addition, some wholesalers of human hair wigs mix actual human hair with synthetic fibers to manufacture wigs. This font’s chaotic texture contributes to its poor quality. Consumers who want to reduce their expenses frequently choose this kind.

If you want to sell wigs, we suggest purchasing wholesale wigs made of real human hair because customers often prefer naturalness when wearing human hair wigs.

How wholesale wig makers create human hair wigs

Have you ever wondered how a human hair wig made by a wholesale wigs vendor was made? There are two methods for creating human hair wigs: by hand and by machine.

Handmade, bulk human hair wigs

With these kinds of suppliers, the human hair wig will be totally handmade, as the name suggests.

  • These handcrafted human hair wigs require many years of wig-making knowledge for them to look their finest. When making these wigs, the staff members must use utmost caution.
  • With two to three bundles of real hair and a frontal or matching closure, a human hair wig can be made. For short hair, two bundles will do; for long hair, three bundles are recommended.
  • Customers who order these human hair wigs are required to wait patiently until the merchants finish producing all of the wigs they have ordered. If the buyers make sizable purchases, the wait period could be very big.

Most wholesale wig manufacturers no longer make wigs by hand. Thanks to developments in science and technology, they now use machines.

Making machine-made wholesale human hair wigs

These forms of wholesale wigs will make it possible for the suppliers of wholesale human hair wigs to finish the hair method much more swiftly. It won’t take too long for customers to receive the hair.

  • The suppliers of wholesale human hair wigs demand lace first. The skull should be fully covered in lace. The lace must be both firm and supple in order to be comfortable for the wearer.
  • Once the lace has been secured, the wig maker will begin by adding the hair or side hair on top of it, continuing until it mimics the hair on a real head. Perseverance and close attention to detail are required for this segment.
  • The hat will subsequently be created using a machine out of the hair and put on the wearer’s head. It’s not particularly challenging; just a little tedious.

These wholesalers of human hair wigs charge less than handcrafted wigs, yet they are frequently still very expensive.

Things to think about when buying a human hair wig from a wholesale wig vendor

Since buying and selling wigs is a common way to start a business, many people are looking for wholesalers of human hair wigs. However, there is a significant risk of fraud when buying from wholesale wig dealers because not everyone has the necessary knowledge in this area.

  • Test a few hairs for synthetic fibers by burning them; if they do, there will be a strong burning smell.
  • Take care if the wholesale human hair wig retailers are offering it too cheaply; this is a really desirable commodity.
  • The names of the wholesale human hair wig sellers can be found on Google, and you can find out as much as you can about them to confirm them. A reliable vendor will be active on social media, have a website, and be well-versed in online resources.
       The finest alternative to wigs purchased in bulk from China is 5S Hair Factory
  • Quality: After collecting it from high-quality women, 5S Hair Factory, the leading hair manufacturer in Vietnam, painstakingly separates high-quality Vietnamese hair. When compared to wholesale human hair wigs from China, hair durability can endure between 5 and 8 years.


  • Price: 5S Hair will help you maximize revenues without compromising quality because it is the most cost-effective alternative in Vietnam.
  • Customers who have purchased hair from 5S Hair Factory have never experienced service or product quality issues. So buying their hair is absolutely safe.


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