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Why is a Weft hair extension always the best seller?

If you are a person who cares about the beauty of hair thanks to hair extensions, weft hair extension is an indispensable product in your shopping cart.

Weft hair extension

The demand of Weft hair extension in the wholesale hair extension market

Society develops more and more modernly and the way people get beautiful has also changed more or less compared to before. If before, you want to have beautiful and smooth long hair, you must take care of your hair carefully and need a lot of products to take care of, which is extremely expensive. But now, there is a better solution than hair extensions and weft hair extension is one of the most loved products in the hair extension products on the market today because it is extremely convenient and easy to become your real hair in a very natural way.

Characteristics of Weft hair extension

If you are learning about weft hair extension, you should not ignore the following information to be able to make the best choice:

How long Weft hair extension last when be used

Whether the products can be maintained for a long time is definitely an information that cannot be missed:

how long does weft hair extension last?
  • Tape in weft hair extension: is the best-selling of weft hair extension products. It is designed by attaching a special glue at the hairline and when applied to the client’s hair, it will easily attach to your hairline. For this product, it will take you a lot of time to perfect and you have to go to the salon. But with this product, you can only keep it on your hair for 6 to 8 weeks, then the bonds will gradually fall off over time.
  • Clip in weft hair extension: is the easiest product to use because it is specially designed to have clips at the hairlines of each hair extension that are then applied to the client’s hair. With a clip in weft hair extension, you don’t need to go to a professional, but you can attach it to your hair at home, so you will save a lot of money. In addition, you can use it for more than a year if you know how to take care of it because it can be easily removed, so if you only use clip in weft hair extension when needed, it can certainly be used for a long time.
  • Sew in weft hair extension: is a product that you can be assured of its durability when used on hair. Because sew in weft hair extension is designed to firmly fix the hairline with specialized parts and after being fixed on your hair by experts, you almost do not feel it is an extension. And if when using tape in weft hair extension you are worried that it will fall off if your hair is strongly impacted, then with sew in weft hair extension you will be guaranteed that it will not come off or fall off even if you exert a strong impact on your hair. However, the use time of this product is the same as the tape is about 6 to 8 weeks because it is inherently a fixed hair extension product.

How to take care Weft hair extension

To use a product for a long time and still retain its original beauty, you must know how to take care of it properly.

How to take care weft hair extension
  • The first is to limit the use of chemicals or heat on weft hair extensions. Hair extensions are actually real hair, so depending on the quality of your products, the hair extensions can withstand how much external impact. However, it is still recommended to limit chemical use to avoid weft hair extension being severely damaged and its use time will also be greatly shortened.
  • Choose hair care products suitable for weft hair extensions. This is one of the factors needed to decide if your weft hair extensions will keep their original beauty and strength as they did in the beginning. When you decide to use any hair care product, research it thoroughly to see if it is suitable for your weft hair extensions.
  • Or with a simpler way, you should wash your hair at the salon to be thoroughly massaged and cared for by an experienced person. They will know how to make your scalp comfortable without worrying about problems like damaging your hair or hurting your scalp.

5S hair factory provides a reputable Weft hair extension in the Vietnam hair extensions market.

Hair extension products from weft hair extension such as tape in weft hair extension, clip in weft hair extension, sew in weft hair extension ,…are the best selling products on the Vietnam hair extension market today that 5S hair factory provides. For the quality and credibility of 5S Hair factory products, it has been guaranteed for all markets, all customers are guaranteed the prestige of products when buying at 5S hair factory. The hair extension products that 5S hair factory launched on the market are all sourced from selected materials and through careful testing, so customers are always assured when buying these products.

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