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You should know about the cost of hair extensions before starting your own business

For people who are just starting a business, the beauty industry, especially the hair business, is a promising one. And it goes without saying that human hair factories are the ideal place to launch a career in the hair industry given their benefits and size of production, affordability, and the cost of hair extensions. 

Overview of the cost of hair extensions 

The wholesale hair business is enormous and complicated. Here’s a look at cost of hair extensions, which are essential in this perhaps successful sector.

Who are the wholesale hair dealers and the cost of hair extensions 

A distributor was previously thought of as a middleman between the manufacturer and the customer. Distributors will purchase products from producers (factories) and then sell them at a profit to other wholesalers and retailers. But nowadays, a lot of factories also function as wholesalers and retailers’ direct distributors. Based on that, two categories of wholesale hair distributors can be identified:

The wholesale hair dealers

Wholesale hair manufacturers act as direct distributors, creating and distributing their own hair. Wholesale distributors function as intermediaries, purchasing hair from factories and reselling it to retailers and other wholesalers of hair. Additionally, it is possible to think of these wholesale hair wholesalers as trading firms.

Wholesale hair retailers and the cost of hair extensions 

Wholesale hair distributors import the majority of the hair they sell from Asia, primarily Vietnam, India and China

  • Asia has a large number of developing nations with low average salaries, which encourages many women to sell their hair for profit.
Asian wholesale hair distributors
  • Additionally, Asia is a location with low labor costs and lots of tax breaks for businesses. Some wholesale hair companies offer goods for the cost of hair extensions.The majority of these brands are sent from Chinese factories to Brazil or Peru before being sent back.

Important characteristics of wholesale hair retailers and the cost of hair extensions 

Distributors of wholesale hair can be categorized as either factories or trade companies. The specific traits of each kind of wholesale hair distributor are listed below.

  • Vietnamese, Indian, and Chinese hair manufacturers are the largest in Asia. Due to numerous regional considerations, including racial diversity, climate, and cultural customs, these wholesale hair distributors have distinctive traits and the price of human hair factories.
  • The largest wholesale hair distributors in the world are Chinese companies. The world’s biggest distributor of wholesale hair is in China. The first and oldest wholesale hair market was established in China, with aggressively low cost of hair extensions and a wide range of models.
  • The longevity of the hair from Chinese distributors is just 1-2 years, which is not very good. Chinese wholesale hair wholesalers employ a lot of chemicals throughout the production process, giving the hair an incredibly lustrous appearance that only lasts a short while.

Because China has the world’s most advanced logistics infrastructure, Chinese hair wholesale distributors can dispatch orders quickly and at low cost of hair extensions.

Customers who wish to buy extraordinarily huge amounts of hair at a low cost of hair extensions. and are not overly picky about quality should use Chinese wholesale hair distributors.

The best hair and cost of hair extensions on the market is distributed by Vietnamese wholesalers.

The Vietnamese hair industry has experienced rapid growth despite having a later start than the Chinese industry. Vietnamese wholesalers of hair offer very reasonable cost of hair extensions.

  • Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors obtain their hair from highland women who are members of ethnic minorities. They don’t use any chemical hair products, even shampoo. Vietnamese ladies only use shampoo made of herbs. Because of this, the quality of wholesale hair distributors is excellent and consistent.
  • Vietnamese hair can last for up to 8 years. So clients don’t have to worry about damage during storage and the price of wholesale hair distributor when purchasing hair in quantity from Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors.
  • Vietnamese wholesale hair distributors can please even the most discerning consumers with their exceptional hair quality and competitive cost of hair extensions. Vietnamese wholesale hair wholesalers must be taken into consideration by hair traders who wish to improve the client experience with premium items.


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